Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The answer has a lot to do with one's understanding of ecclesiology. Is ecclesiology about the people of God in eternity or the people of God in time? Does it most refer to our situation in heaven or our situation here on earth?

The answer starts with realizing that the "or" may be out of place.

What if the people of God are fully 'earthed' and fully 'heavened'? What if who the church is here on earth both is and must be determined by who she will be in heaven? What if the salvation has to do with kingdom now and kingdom finally? What if humanity was created precisely to be the sort of people that the church both is and is becoming?

In the coming weeks, months, and (likely) years, this will be the question under investigation: Who in the world are we?


  1. Wow, so excited. Great questions. In the midst of church squabbles and transitions, it is important to keep the bigger picture of the church in mind. Thank you!

  2. We are having some local church issues at TFB. Keeping the big picture in mind certainly puts the dailies in perspective.

    I am so ready to start. There are so many surface issues taking up so much time in the church. The big questions have either been forgotten or left to academics. I am going to try very hard to keep living in both worlds. Keeping in touch with local church ministry will help.