Monday, September 17, 2007


As the researching and writing of my ThM thesis continues, I will be posting some "thought bubbles" for the purpose of critique and clarification. Questions, comments, and corrections are welcome.

To date I've "plundered" a nearly 3-foot stack of books and articles by and about the emerging church and/or ecclesiology. Though the results of my plundering remain a rather disorganized scattering in the memory of my laptop, I shall hazard my first speculated conclusion:

The ECM is contributing a crucial critique and challenge, and the historic church ought to listen: Each local congregation is a gathering of local missionaries, committed to and equipped for disciple-making in the local and global communities.

Too many historic churches have forgotten, neglected, or refused to obey Jesus' command to go make disciples. Too many have become focused on drawing in members or on maintaining internally focused programs. Of course, this is not true of all historic churches, but it is true of far too many. ECM's call for a missional ecclesiology must be heard and answered.

The danger within the ECM is that too many in the movement may become enamored by a culture of openness and will exchange the biblical warrant for a clear communication of the gospel for a pragmatic warrant for cultural compromise. Therefore, the ECM must hear and answer its own critique and challenge.

The command of Jesus requires it.

NOTE: This is a rumination ("1. The act of pondering; meditation. 2. The act or process of chewing cud." American Heritage Dictionary) in search of synergy ("1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.")


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