Sunday, December 28, 2008


  • We are the community of holy ones, called to be holy in the world for Christ's sake and to mature through cooperation with the Holy Spirit and remaining in Christ.
  • We are in process, called to show what it means/looks like to be fit for God's presence and to mature through behaving as ones being made fit.
  • We are warriors, called to fight Christ's battle against all forms of evil and to mature through training in discernment, declaration, advocacy/intercession, and emergency care.
  • We are heralds, called to introduce God's order and to mature through knowledge, practice, and graciousness.
  • We are dancers, called to show that submission to God's ways is freedom and to mature through the disciplines and through "loving God and doing as we please."
  • We are scholars, called to know truth deeply and behave accordingly and to mature through holistic study and integrative education.
  • We are followers, called to reveal God's fullness in our life together and to mature through increasing knowledge of who God is and through submitting our behavior to that knowledge.
  • We are in the world but not of it, called to point to Christ in his incarnate fullness and to mature through intellectual, relational, and personal knowledge of him.


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