Monday, February 02, 2009

sketchpad Communal Formation and Disciple Making as Systems

Update: Feb 4, 2009 (Thanks to input from Jeff, Prib, and Plock)

Initial version
  • "discipleship" merged into "Disciples in Training"
  • "conversion" --> "Trusting to repentance"
  • corrected direction of disciplers-to-Disciples in Training influence arrow

Initial version
  • added "perceived walk" and "discrepancy"
  • changed "functioning body" to "functioning members" and made "APEPT" a subset
  • Not knowing how to depict the Head, I created an all encompassing footnote.
  • changed title to "Disciples in Training"
  • Added Ephesians 4 references

yellow box = stock
yellow arrow = flow
black arrow = influence
"B" = balancing feedback loop
"R" = reinforcing feedback loop


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