Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving to WordPress

witwaw* is in the process of being reborn on WordPress. I've no firm relaunch date (though I'm aiming for July 1.

I've moved.

Launch Date: July 1, 2009 at ~ 8 pm PDT.

(NOTE: URL will go live on the launch date)

The rebirthed blog will focus more specifically on the subjects suggested by the title and subtitle:
  • The church is in the world.
  • The identity of the church is critical.
  • Ecclesiology is about much more than polity.
  • Communal spiritual formation should be our common practice.
  • The practices of communal spiritual formation must be doable in the real world.
More information as things become clearer and closer.

* Who in the World Are We?

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  1. Why the move? Is Blogspot not doing it for you? I'm curious to hear your reasons.

  2. Joe,

    I will be leaving my other blogs on blogspot, as it serves those blogs well. The relaunch of this blog on WP in aimed at improving the blog itself (paring down the posts to focus the topic, without removing posts from the blogspot version), gaining a new (and hopefully wider) readership, and distancing witwaw from the emerging church research I did for my thesis.

    1. WP has tracking on the dashboard.
    2. Static pages available, which I will be using for a front page on this blog.
    3. Greater flexibility for privacy/protection of individual posts.
    Comment editing and on-board spam protection.

    Honestly, blogspot has great features (which is why the other blogs are staying). The most important reason I'm switching is to get a fresh start--much of this is internal to my mind: having a very different interface tells me that this is a very different blog.

    This blog may have periodic theology posts that do not fit on the new witwaw. Only time will tell.

    Here's a comparison:

  3. It looks like Blogspot holds up pretty well in that comparison. Still, it depends on what you're after. For my blog I don't think it makes any difference. I don't think anybody would visit it no matter where it was.

  4. Blogspot holds up very well, which is why I'm only moving this one. WP offers some features I want for witwaw and the capacity to upgrade to a professional (AKA paid) platform.

    Of course, we'll see how it goes.