Monday, December 01, 2008

sketchpad...LEAKING TRUTH

ponderings from the Moleskine, November '08

The truth leaked from our life together in Christ is the necessary precursor to our proclamation of God’s worth.

Knowing begins in relationship with God.
  • The triune Creator, Covenant-Maker is foundational.
  • Our fear of and love for God develops wisdom: truth lived well in the world.
Knowing grows in relationship with others.
  • Community provides the training and correction needed for growth in truth.
  • Working and playing alongside our brothers and sisters adds what is missing in our knowledge and removes what is false.
Relational knowing leaks truth in the world.
  • The methods of relational knowing show that God’s truth is both conceptual and relational.
  • Modeling relational knowing before the world bypasses intellectual and emotional barriers, though resistance and acceptance remain matters of volition.


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